The Mirror Tent (2007)

“Small rituals of morally alert, memorially affectionate attention, their unshowy working language satisfyingly in tune with what he has learned about the nature of the world he lives in”
Eamonn Grennan

“The amazing and impressive thing for me is the sheer sustainability of it all; how the poet sustains the quality and imagery of the poems, poem after poem, something that some household names, even in Ireland, have visibly struggled to do of late”.
Gwilym Williams, New Hope International Review

“Smyth manages the short lyric with concision: it has become his mandate, a clear but layered idea poised in the right space and rhythm… Smyth, perhaps because he is an accomplished journalist, recharges moments of insight in the movements of collective Irish experience in the last thirty years. He seems in many instances in these poems the chronicler of Irish fate.”
James Liddy, An Sionnach.

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