IF EVER YOU GO: A Map of Dublin in Poetry and Song

Edited by Pat Boran and Gerard Smyth

Chosen as Dublin’s One City One Book in 2013, this widely-praised anthology takes the reader on a journey though the street’s of Smyth’s native city, and features verse both familiar and new, historical and contemporary, by writers whose work adds up to an intimate and revealing portrait of a place and its people. Contributors include those already synonymous with Dublin – Swift, Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, Clarke, and Kavanagh – as well as a host of others, such as Kinsella, Heaney, Boland, Bolger, Meehan.

“…an inspired collection of poems featuring the streets, parts and people of Dublin. One of the best publishing ideas in decades and a particular delight for those whose souls, for better or worse, are rooted in the city and its parts.” – The Dublin Review of Books

 “There are innumerable guide books to Dublin, but If Ever You Go is unique in essentially being a map of the city’s imagination…you may never have bought a book of poems before, but you’ve never seen Dublin like this before”. – Dermot Bolger, The Evening Herald

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